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AREN is simply the acronym for Alain Richard Expert Nautique. This is an initiative by Captain Richard and some of his colleagues aimed at creating an independent firm specializing in the very concise niche that is the performance of merchant ships. Mr. Richard has maritime expertise which led him to obtain certification as a Master Mariner, to which is added training as an economist. The amalgamation of these two skills allows Captain Richard to have a deep and comprehensive analytical mind on issues relating to navigation and maritime transport, as well as an integral perspective of the issues specific to the maritime industry and the field. of transportation.

Beyond training, experiences as a navigator, teacher, researcher, consultant and manager, Mr. Richard has access to a network of experts and specialists which allows him to assure these users (clients and partners) to have competent and current resources within reach.

Alain Richard
Nautical expert
Master Mariner


Become a benchmark in improving maritime industry practices through innovation and the application of intelligent processes.


Offer stakeholders in the maritime industry intelligent solutions allowing them to innovate in ways of doing things in order to increase the performance of operations while respecting environmental issues and the values of local communities.


The values are based on three main axes. The axis of research, intelligence and innovation to which is added the axis of professionalism and competence. Finally, the last axis of values is that of commitment, honesty and credibility.

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